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Why Invest

Rotary believes everyone has the power to change the world. We believe in conflict resolution and peaceful communities. We are change makers in our communities who have a passion to transform conflict into growth and greater understanding. Biases are the unconscious attitudes and stereotypes we hold about different groups of people that influence our actions. Whether we realize it or not, bias can influence our behavior and decisions, many times creating conflict. The goal of the 2022 Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference, “Finding Peace in a World Full of Conflict and Bias,” is to learn how to create peaceful communities by identifying, challenging, and overcoming our biases.

We invite you and your organization to make a pledge for peace by becoming a sponsor of the 2022 Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference. This is a great way to act on your values and goal to create a more peaceful community and world. Your sponsorship allows you to publicly express your commitment to our shared mission of inspiring people to resolve conflict in a peaceful and productive manner. Your investment will help fund the 2022 Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference presented by Rotary District 7750 and the Rotary Club of Greenville and create positive change in our communities.

Why This Conference

We believe that through practicing peaceful conflict resolution our friends, families, and communities will be safer and able to encounter greater opportunities of peace and joy.

Sponsorship Packages


As you understand that a world with peace creates a better world for us all and as you are committed to ensure peace for your neighbors, we invite you to join our highest level and become a Peacemaker.

Patron of Peace

If peace is a top priority in your life and work, we invite you to step up to this level and become a Patron of Peace. 

Ambassador of Peace

This sponsorship level entitles you and your organization to become a speaker sponsor and have the option to have a representatives share about your organization and why peace is important to your organization on our website that will be made available to the public.

Advocate of Peace

Peace will not happen unless people like you advocate for it. Put your principles into action by saying YES to become a Advocate of Peace.

Promoter of Peace

The ideal level for motivated individuals, small business owners, and community service organizations who want to invest in making our community a stronger and more peaceful place to live and work.

Champion of Peace

We are looking for 99 individuals who will make a $99 pledge for peace. If you believe in peace, if you seek peace in your life, if you want to model peace in your daily activity, this is the sponsorship level for you.

Sponsorship Benefits

Rotary Club Sponsorship Benefits

Peace is critical to Rotary and your Club has the opportunity to invest in a peace conference geared at impacting our local community. We have three opportunities for your club to partner.

Peace Leader

Individual club members who believe in peace and would like to promote a more peaceful community.

Peace Partner Club

Your club believes in peace and would like to influence a peaceful community for all.

Peace Champion Club

A core value of your club is peace, and you are committed to walking the journey of peace.