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2018 Global Peace Index

The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank dedicated to shifting the world’s focus to peace as a positive, achievable, and tangible measure of human well-being and progress.

Living Room Conversations

A conversational model developed by dialogue experts in order to facilitate connection between people despite their differences, and even identify areas of common ground and shared understanding.


My Neighbor’s Voice

A structured and moderated conversation where all interested members of our community can share a meal and listen to one another speak about our civic concerns.


Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has fought to protect children and save lives from the #1 cause of preventable death: tobacco use. Our vision is a future free of the death and disease caused by tobacco.


The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) asked the question: Is religion the main cause of conflict today?  Religion was only one of three or more reasons for 67 % of the conflicts where it was a factor in the conflict.

On average, the cost of violence related only to paying for police, justice, corrections and the productivity effect of violent crime, homicide and robbery is $3,257 for each U.S. taxpayer or $460 billion for the United States economy. (Peace Alliance)

When adding up the concrete costs to the average American taxpayer it is estimated that violence containment spending costs $7,000 for every man, woman and child each year. That is $6 billion a day in total, or $246 million an hour. U.S. violence containment spending amounted to $7,000 per year for every man, woman, and child. (Peace Alliance)

In the U.S., youth homicide rates are more than 10 times that of other leading industrialized nations, on par with the rates in developing countries and those experiencing rapid social and economic changes. The youth homicide rate in the U.S. stood at 11.0 per 100,000 compared to France (0.6 per 100 000), Germany (0.8 per 100 000), the United Kingdom (0.9 per 100 000) and Japan (0.4 per 100 000)

In a 2015 nationally representative sample of youth in grades 9-12, the CDC documented that 20.2% of youth reported being bullied on school property; 15.5% reported being bullied electronically during the 12 months before the survey; 6.0% reported being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property one or more times in the 12 months before the survey; and 5.6% reported that they did not go to school on one or more days in the 30 days before the survey because they felt unsafe at school or on their way to or from school.

A CBS News Poll in June 2017 concluded that political debate is increasingly uncivil in the US. When asked about the tone and civility of US political debate, 68% responded that it is Getting Worse, 24% responded that it is the same, and 73% responded that the tone of current political debate is encouraging violence.