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Our mission is to inspire people to resolve conflict in a peaceful and productive manner.

Why This Matters

Millions of people are displaced each year by conflict and violence.

Conflict and violence affects many areas of our daily lives, causing division in our families, our work place, and our communities. As Rotarians, we refuse to accept unresolved conflict as a way of life.

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How You will Benefit

Gain Awareness

Learn greater awareness and understanding of how peace and conflict resolution works

Reduce Anxiety
Strategies to help you navigate your day more peacefully, with less anxiety
Broaden Perspectives

Tools to build more peaceful relationships with family members, neighbors, and work colleagues

Meaningful Conversations

Engage in more open and respectful conversations about difficult issues affecting our community, country and world

Peaceful Relationships

Tools to build more peaceful relationships with family members, neighbors, and work colleagues

Power of Forgiveness

The power of peace and forgiveness to heal yourself and others who have wronged you in the past

Why This Conference

Begin the courageous conversations necessary to assure progress in peace and conflict resolution through learning how to

  • develop a thoughtful process for everyday life
  • effectively think about peace
  • proactively make peace
  • resolve situations causing conflict

We believe that through practicing peaceful conflict resolution our friends, families, and communities will be safer and able to encounter greater opportunities of peace and joy.

Come Be Part of the Solution


Interfaith Panel

It is important to acknowledge the tremendous diversity of beliefs, teachings, and traditions that exist among the many religions of the world. Peace is the highest religious aspiration for which we must work. By understanding core beliefs, values, and holy days of other faiths, people can relate to and respect other religions. Such understanding would lead to less conflict within sects of the same faith, between different religions, and between those who are religious and those who are secular.

Although all religions have distinct belief systems, there are similarities and common goals of peace, love, and justice for all religions. The goal of the panel presentation is to inspire others to understand “we” are all in this world together and that harmony begins with each of us, regardless of our religious affiliation.