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Our mission is to inspire people to resolve conflict in a peaceful and productive manner.

Why This Matters

Millions of people are displaced each year by conflict and violence.

Have Meaningful Conversations

Conflict and violence affects many areas of our daily lives, causing division in our families, our work place, and our communities. As Rotarians, we refuse to accept unresolved conflict as a way of life.

Why We Need Conflict Resolution Skills

We live in a world of many cultures, colors, backgrounds and beliefs. As the world becomes bigger and smaller at the same time, we are challenged to co-exist with people who may believe or look different than we do. How can we build unity when we are polarized by racial, ethnic, religious, and political differences?

Peaceful Conflict Resolution Can be Learned

The Rotary Club of Greenville is committed to creating a more peaceful community. We believe peace is a skill that can be learned and we strive to bring education and awareness into our community.

Steps Toward Peace & Conflict Resolution

Create Awareness

Listen to Broader Perspectives

Have Meaningful Conversations

Search for Peaceful Relationships

Understand the Power of Forgiveness

We encourage you to begin courageous conversations necessary to assure progress, peacefully and productively.

Be a Part of the Solution

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