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Dr. Jessica Shryack

Dr. Jessica Shryack holds a doctorate in educational psychology and has worked in higher education for more than 15 years. Since 2015, Jessica has been a leader in bringing Living Room Conversations to employees in higher education settings in Minnesota and to other professionals at national and regional conferences. She loves being able to facilitate meaningful, face-to-face conversations between people with differing views and experiences, especially around difficult topics like race and privilege. She recently started a consulting business, Clarity Collaborations, where she helps organizations improve processes and develop people. You can find more information about her on LinkedIn.

Presentation Summary: Living Room Conversations: an experimental session in civil discourse

This session will provide an overview of the Living Room Conversations methodology through hands-on experience of a conversation and a debrief of key learnings. Skills participants will learn include active listening, using ground rules to set the stage for effective conversation, and determining how to structure an effective Living Room Conversations event based on the goals of your family, community, or organization.